Innovation driven

Heartfelt Bloom

Our journey began in the vibrant heart of East London over four years ago with a quaint flower salon. Now, we have evolved into one of the UK’s leading distributors of flower vending machines. None of this would have happened without our dedication to supplying our community with beautiful bundles of joy.

Now we can do that 24/7, so can you!

Our Mission

To seamlessly blend the enchanting charm of traditional floristry with the efficiency and accessibility of modern technology. We’re dedicated to ensuring that the joy and beauty of flowers are within everyone’s reach, anytime, anywhere.

Our Vision

To lead the evolution of the floral industry, making the simple act of giving flowers as easy and accessible as it is meaningful. At Heartfelt Bloom, we see a future where no expression of love, gratitude, or sympathy is ever missed due to time or distance constraints.


We help find new ways to share and enjoy flowers.


We partner with you to make beautiful bouquets available 24/7 across the UK.


We help ensure every flower our clients sell meets their highest standards of freshness and beauty no matter the time of the day.


We help to build connections and spread joy through the universal language of flowers, even in the smallest communities.

Join Our Blooming Journey

Heartfelt Bloom invites you to explore the future of floristry. As we continue to grow, innovate, and spread happiness one bouquet at a time, we welcome you to experience the convenience and delight our Flower Vending Machines bring to the world of flowers.

Do you want to grow your floral business?